Signs Alcoholism Treatment Is Needed

Rarely do individuals suffering from alcohol addiction problems know that they indeed have a problem. Signs of alcohol addiction are easily noted by those who are around such individuals. Some individuals don’t know how to tell the difference between recreational alcohol use and serious alcohol dependency or abuse. Here are the signs alcohol addiction treatment centers are needed for such individuals.

Physical Effects – This is the first sign of alcohol abuse. Slurred speech, the smell of alcohol on their breath, instability or lack of balance, an increasing need for alcohol early in the day, and discomfort and sickness as a result of withdrawal from alcohol are all seen over a period of time to mean that that there is chronic alcohol abuse. Over time, alcohol abuse produces an increasing physical dependence and physical tolerance to alcohol. Long-term alcohol abuse can cause liver cirrhosis, pancreatitis, polyneuropathy, and alcohol poisoning which can be fatal. For these reasons, many addicts require supervised medical detoxification to come off safely, which can only be done in alcohol addiction treatment centers.

Denial – Alcohol addicts, when approached about their condition, tend to deny and lie about the amount of alcohol they take in.

Signs Alcoholism Treatment Is Needed

Dependency – Individuals suffering from alcohol addiction tend to be dependent on alcohol as a solution to many of their problems. When emotionally stressed or in need to feel calm in an anxiety filled situation, these individuals reach out for alcohol. This is a severe case of emotional dependence to alcohol and addiction.

Rationalizing – Alcohol addicts make up excuses for them to continue drinking. They defend themselves, arguing that they don’t take too much alcohol.

Mental Disorders and Psychological Problems – Prevalent mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and bi-polarity are signs of long-term alcohol addiction. These symptoms worsen during withdrawal, which can sometimes lead to misdiagnosis. Alcohol addiction also leads to individuals developing psychological problems such as hallucinations.

Self-Seclusion – Alcoholics usually develop the need to stay away from other people over time. They seclude themselves from the rest of the society and will rarely indulge themselves in long conversations, especially when they have to talk about themselves.

Neglecting Duties – Alcohol addicts find drinking much more important than any other activity in their lives. An addict can go to work or social occasions when drunk to the point where they can’t fulfill their obligations.

Alcohol Addiction Signs

  • Shakes
  • Seizures
  • Blackouts
  • Heart failure

Withdrawal – These may happen either when one has drank too much or when they withdraw from alcohol abuse and need immediate medical attention.

Legal and Financial Problems Due to Drinking – Many alcohol addicts get into legal problems because of getting arrested for driving under the influence or for being violent when intoxicated. Financial problems may arise, as some individuals spend most of their income on alcohol.

Losing Control Over Drinking – Individuals may find themselves losing control of the amount of alcohol they drink. Some say they want to stop, but the body desires alcohol. This is definitely a sign of addiction and detox should be carried out in alcohol addiction treatment centers to remove the toxins.

In the event of an individual being identified as acting in any of the above ways, it should be known that these are signs that alcohol addiction treatment centers are needed and help should be sought promptly to get sober.

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